Red Eye Studio's RE:MOTION(TM) Motion Library System is a Revolutionary collection of Drag and Drop animation files, painstakingly crafted for integration into a wide variety of 3D animation packages, including 3D Studio Max, Motion Builder, Softimage, Maya, and Lightwave.

Begin your RE:MOTION(TM) Library with the "Back to Basics" Collection, containing definitive motion compilations for use in any 3D Animated production. Add to your Library by combining motions from your RE:MOTION(TM) Back To Basics Collection with other exciting RE:MOTION(TM) Library Collections including action packed Modern Military Maneuvers, Medieval Warfare, Unarmed Combat, and much more. Whether you need lifelike subtlety in your next feature film, character actions for your next video game, or simply want an excellent animation teaching tool, the RE:MOTION(TM) Motion Library System is the Ultimate Motion Reference.